Hsinchu Kaohsiung
le bouquet

Ambassador Cake present by le bouquet bakery symbolic sweet happiness and infinite vivid imagination. Whether is for families, friends, or oneself, send a cake on a special occasion best present the warmest passion and love. The term bouquet in French precisely illustrates the atmosphere we create in the le bouquet bakery where the remarkable smell and harmony from the cakes and breads astonish us for long. Ambassador Hotel uncompromising insists the art of marking dessert is an essential extension of cooking. With all quality ingredients and elaborated package, we enrich the quality of cake for gifting culture. In the le bouquet bakery, we use quality wrap paper that outstandingly harmony with color of cake. Under the creation of le bouquet Pastry Chef, the cake is not only a cake but also a messenger of happiness for all acquaintances. le bouquet bakery has characteristic of French Art and Japanese delicacies. Plus the contemporary fashion spacious design and elegant flowery decoration, le bouquet leads us to enjoyments in extreme sensation of taste and visualization. Leisure enjoys a French sweets land. Let the Ambassador le bouquet exceptional cakes warmly accompany you on an astonish journey of sweet.

Fruit Jelly
Fruit Jelly / NT$40/a piece
Cannelé Bordelais
Hot Cannelé Bordelais / NT$55
Hot Macaron / NT$360(4in) NT$720(8in)