Taipei Hsinchu Kaohsiung
Landmark Club

Under the  brand of the Ambassador Hotel,  “MARKET CAFÉ “ and “YU SUSHI” are new brand styles that integrate top service standards for gourmet dining with 5 Star quality in Tien Mou Landmark Club.

MARKET CAFÉ  is a sleek modern casual , live station cooking buffet restaurant. Weekday MARKET CAFE' presents "Select Station Pricing" , Weekend and Holiday MARKET CAFE' offers The Ultimate Experience Buffet for casual family dining. The restaurant features a 30 plus item spinning salad bar , the ultimate noodle experience where the guest can create their own satisfying noodle dish featuring 3 different styles of soup bases, a wholesome meat carvery with some the healthiest and best tasting roast selections , the Indian Curry section features a wide variety of the flavors of India , a frozen stone ice cream station where guests can create the ultimate ice cream experience.

YU SUSHI is a modern contemporary Japanese restaurant with creative presentations and high quality sashimi all at moderate prices, YU SUSHI also features 4 private tatami dining rooms for guests who desire a more private and intimate dining experience.
Every brand can present itself with the outstanding traditions of the Ambassador Hotel and integrate those traditions with the brand-new thoughts and creations that each new concept brings, allowing all our valued customers a stunningly fashionable and enjoyable dining experience!