Taipei Kaohsiung
Honors Over the Years

TechLife Magazine Appraised the Best Hotels Rated by Consumers – Ambassador Hotel Hsinchu is Rated No.1 Hotel that People Visit Most Often for Consumption

“TechLife Magazine”, the most popular publication for Hsinchu Techers, for years, with its attentive cultivation and impersonal repot of the cultural and technical dimensions of the Hsinchu region, that it has already become an influential publication of the Hsinchu region. This year thru the tangible questionnaires and intangible website e-questionnaires, the TechLife Magazine processed the appraisal and survey of hotels on Hsinchu region, the results show that, with the professional service and multi-orientation marketing strategy, the Ambassador Hotel Hsinchu took first place as the most visited hotel for consumers. Regarding the survey results, tell us that, near 95% of people will go to the hotel due to its special food, premium price, or attractive promotions; also, in point of holding large activities (ex: company meeting, new products release, and governmental officers and politicians celebrating banquet etc.), the banquet halls of the Ambassador Hotel Hsinchu are also the first choice for public. From the actual statistics we can discover, that the Ambassador Hotel Hsinchu had stunning performance on the ratio of lodgment last year, which even left other hotels of the Hsinchu region far behind. As the No.1 hotel brand of Hsinchu region, the Ambassador Hotel Hsinchu will continue its service spirits of high quality and standard, to promote the tourism businesses of Hsinchu region, and continue to invite the international business or domestic travelers to feel the charms of Hsinchu.