Taipei Kaohsiung
Honors Over the Years

Union Internationale des Concierges d'Hôtels Clefs D'Or (U.I.C.H.) Award Ceremony, Five Hotel Staffs Rewarded Honor, Official and Observed Members (2007)

The U.I.C.H. Taiwan region award ceremony held once every two years was held at the Grand Formosa Regent Taipei, there was a total of 15 people awarded a 5 Star rating from hotels all over Taiwan in 2007, in among them were 5 people from the Ambassador Hotel Hsinchu respectively awarded as the honor, official and observed members, this was one of the highest awarded amount of all the hotels. The international membership certificate of the Les Clefs d`Or Taiwan is held once every two years, its purpose is to cite for the outstanding representation of the concierge of the hotel industry of Taiwan, after the approval of the Taiwan region the French head association can then award the certification, there are a total of 3 people awarded as official members and 8 people awarded as observed members of the Taiwan region in 2007, they are respectively from the Grand Formosa Regent Taipei, Ambassador Hotel Hsinchu, Evergreen Laurel Hotel Taichung, and Ambassador Hotel Kaohsiung, one thing deserving mention is there was an additional award of honor to four chief executive managers of hotels, in which these hotels fully support the service spirit of Les Clefs d`Or for a long time, the recipients were Sean Chuang the chairman of the Leofoo Group, Francesco Borrello the general manager of Grand Formosa Regent Taipei, Jhou Wu the general manager of the Sunworld Dynasty Hotel Taipei, and You Guo-Bin the general manager of the Ambassador Hotel Hsinchu. The aim of the establishment of the Les Clefs d`Or is “to cohere the strengths and to share the resources, furthermore advancing the hotel service quality”. In 2007, the Ambassador Hotel Hsinchu was awarded the honor of the official membership of Les Clefs d`Or, in which the people who awarded the Les Clefs d`Or insignia (with the symbol of crossed-keys) include Jhou Wei-Hao (John) the manager of Guest Service and Lee Shang-Ru (Ru) the captain of Service Center. John and Ru have been working for the Ambassador Hotel Hsinchu over more than 4 years, in among from applied for membership, awarded as the observed member, to awarded as the official member of Les Clefs d`Or on 2007, altogether took 7 to 8 years. The awarded receiver indicates, that achieved the Les Clefs d`Or insignia isn’t a “result”, but a brand new “beginning”, once wearing the crossed-keys means the person is carrying a greater mission on his shoulders, because he has become an indicator of global hotel concierges! The staff of the Ambassador Hotel Hsinchu are awarded as the observed members of Les Clefs d`Or in 2007 also including Liao Ruo-Ciao (Pariel) and Syu Mei-Zih (Miko) of the Service Center, these young and energetic new members of our hotel will also become the future stars of our service industry! Furthermore, the general manger of the Ambassador Hotel Hsinchu Mr. You Guo-Bin has always been very supportive of the spirit of Les Clefs d`Or, he has been quietly encouraging the front-desk service staff for a long time, for this reason he was also awarded an honorary membership of Les Clefs d`Or in 2007. The Ambassador Hotel Hsinchu is one of the few hotels that their staff was awarded the Les Clefs d`Or service insignia from the upper-level manager, middle-level managers, to basic-level staffs, we will carry on the glory of Les Clefs d`Or, fulfill the service philosophy of “guests are our families”, and continue to offer the business travelers the most warmed support and services!