Taipei Kaohsiung
Honors Over the Years

We were rewarded and praised by the Mayor when one of our valued guest’s lives was saved by the intelligent emergency response of our Service Center! (2007)

Service is the “Core Value of a 5 Star Hotel”, “Specialism” is the employees training indicator for a star-level hotel, professionalism and hotel hardware must all come together with specialized service, and then the hotel can be treated as a true “5 Star”! The staff of our service center are well-trained, in proper emergency response which the other day saved one valued life of our guest, that was a story passed on with approval in the industry moreover was rewarded the prize from the Mayor Lin Jung-Tzer. The general public thinks that the clean uniform and bright appearance is the representative of “specialism”, the Ambassador Hotel Hsinchu which always treats the guests like the family believes, those are only the most basic demands of the hotel, insistences of the service faith of guests are everything and the on-site sensitive responsiveness, that can be called “specialism”. In recent years, our hotel actively trained the on-site professional service staff, to enhance the functionality of the service center, currently, we have several front-desk service staff that are certificated with the Union Internationale des Concierges d'Hôtels Clefs D'Or (U.I.C.H.), and have become the official members and observed members of the U.I.C.H., with this experience they are presenting the true meaning of “service” in our hotel lobby. The other day, one foreign guest felt ill during his stay, he sought help from our service center, thanks to the prompt response of our outstanding service center staff, and they called a taxi immediately and went with the guest to the hosiptal. When they arrived, the guest suddenly passed out in the hospital lobby, the attended hotel staff immediately supported the guest to emergency room. It was reported that the guest had a myocardial infraction, by the time he was sent to the emergency room he was already in heavy shock and nearly had no signs of life, but fortunately he was sent to hospital in the first golden time that saved his life. The doctor told the attended staff afterwards, that if this guest was here one minute later, he might not have been unable to save him! After the first aid, the hospital needed to process the big operation right away, which meant they would need the agreement signed by the guest’s family, which is another test for the hotel staffs. This foreigner came for a business trip to Taiwan alone, and it was midnight when this incident happened, which makes it even harder to reach his colleagues. The hotel shift manager organized the staff without any delay there and then, they tried to reach any related person from every clue. Our front-desk staff was in charge of finding useable information from our computer, the salesmen tried to contact the secretary of the local company, and our shift entered to the guest’s room, found that his MSN Messenger was on, so that we were successful in contacting his family in the USA; meanwhile our staff were also able to reach the secretary and asked her to head to hospital right away to assist in dealing with the necessary procedure. The representative of the guest’s company arrived at hospital, signed the operation agreement after communicating with his family, and the operation was a complete success. Only at this moment did the staff of our hotel feel relief, that they had completed this challenging rescue mission! The hotel service center staff expressed, “We are very comforted that we were able to save the life of our guest under the most emergent situation! Nevertheless we are not as great as you think, after all we were all doing things that we should”.